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5 Top Tips for Making the Most of Rock Island VANUATU

We hate to remind you but Rock Island s are only five-days long! Short, sweet and seriously, the time of your life!

These precious days can fly by in the blink of an eye and it’s a long 365 days to wait until they come round again! To help you make the most of each and every moment we have made a list of ways to make time go a little slower. Let’s take a look;

Get Exploring
There is so much of Vanuatu that is untouched and unexplored. Although you’re probably not down for stepping out into a true wilderness when you’re on Rock Island VANUATU be sure to get outdoors and explore what these tiny but pretty darn perfect islands have to offer.

The Blue Lagoon is a good place to start….

Disconnect and Reconnect
Switch off all tech, just for a few hours so you can reconnect with nature and real people! There is plenty of time to check-in online when you’re in the departure lounge waiting to fly back to Auckland. You’ll never be this free again so put down the ball and chain that is your phone and get to living!

Be Yourself
The most important thing to do on Rock Island VANUATU is just be you! You’re the best, don’t go changing yourself or your attitude to suit those around you and certainly don’t go turning into the Party Chump!

Don’t worry about having a full face of make-up on or oiling your beard so that it reflects the sun’s rays. Come as you are…

Go Horse Riding in the Pacific Ocean
This may seem a bit of a novelty but it’s such a wonderful experience, for everyone. Club Hippique is a one of a kind horse stables where you can join with the herd and ride the waves!

You don’t need to be an experienced rider or even have met a horse before to enjoy Club Hippique, the instructors will look after you just fine!

Say Yes
Life is too short to say no! If it’s not illegal or gonna kill you, say yes! Say yes to being the first group on the dance floor, say yes to staying up to watch the sunrise, and say yes to joining us again on Rock Island next year!

Saying yes to all is a sure fire way to having the time of your life, with us, on Rock Island VANUATU!

Simple as they may be taking these few tips on board may just go a way to making sure Rock Island VANUATU really is the time of your life!

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