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Activities Budget

There are so many great activities to do in Vanuatu that we know you’re gonna want to do them all! Here’s an idea of how much you’ll need to budget for each;

Horse Riding with Club Hippique
This is one of the most popular activities in Vanuatu, aside from Rock Island VANUATU, obvs!

Sessions vary in length and price but the classic half day beach ride costs 9500 VT ($126) taking you through Vanuatu’s rainforests, rolling hills and back to the breathtaking Erakor Beach for refreshments.

The Sunset Ride includes sipping Champagne (or wine/beer!) on the beach after a magical ride through some of Vanuatu’s best look outs, for 7500VT ($100)

For those of you who have your PADI Open Water Certificate you can join onto an organised dive. Costs vary due to duration and distance from the resort but you can expect to pay `______’ for a session.

Snorkelling is accessible for everyone and a wonderful way to explore the marine sanctuary that surrounds our Rock Island VANUATU resort. Snorkelling is technically free, you just need to pay a $25 deposit if you’re hiring snorkel, mask and flippers.

Glass Bottom Boat
Heading out on the glass bottom boat is a super chill way to see the Pacific Ocean and the wonderful sea life it is home to. A trip lasts __ hours and costs $___.

Kayaking and Pedal Boats
A total novelty but the best way to get a tan for sure! The sun’s rays dance off the water and kiss your skin! Kayaks are avaiable as singles or doubles and cost $___ for an hour.

Pedal Boats are great for a laugh or if you wanna get to know your new Rock Island VANUATU bae! Costing $___ for an hour for the pair.

Zipline Canopy Tour
Zip-lining is a must do Rock Island VANUATU experience and is the perfect activity for you and your crew to do as a team!

There are a variety of zip-lines to try and tours start at 9500 VT ($126)

If you want to blow the budget trip the Heli Zipline Tour, genuinely a once in a lifetime experience and well worth the money, $415pp for a 15-minute Helicopter flight over Vanuatu followed by the full zip-line curse.

This should give you a good idea as to how much to budget. You’re only on Rock Island VANUATU for five days so don’t hold back. You can’t take your money with you when you die, splash that cash people!

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