Rock Island Itinerary

Whether you like sipping cocktails by the beach or partying in the middle of the Pacific’s crystal blue waters, our team has prepared an epic 5 days with Rock hosts and artists to help you make the most of this tropical escape.

Prepare for a Rock Island to remember. Just one caveat though: You might have way too much fun you’d want to extend your trip!

Day 1

At Rock Island we make it super easy to travel. All you need for the airport is your passport (with at least six months until expiry from the day you land BACK IN NZ), your costume (which we will let you know what it is a few weeks before we fly) for the flight and your luggage. We have the rest covered for you.

Just rock up to the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure and you will see our team in our red crew singlets. Sign in with us, grab a goody bag, we will room tag your bag and then check in at the airport as you usually would.

Say whats up to your fellow Rock Islanders then head through customs.We have our meeting point in Auckland Airport which we will announce closer to the time who will have some food and drink specials for us on the day so we can all get to know eachother and have a pre flight beersie.

On the flight, you may not be seated next to your mate. If you wish to be then please request this at the check in counter. Use the flight to get to know the people around you or grab some shut eye as you may not be  doing much of this over the next 5 days! Remember to be on your best behaviour on the flight and respectful of other Non Rock Island passengers. We are all one big community so if one person plays up it makes us all look like d*#ks.

Once we land you will receive a very warm welcome to the tropical paradise that is Vanuatu.

Your flight arrives in Vanuatu in the afternoon. From the airport, we will take you on a scenic, leisurely drive to Breakas Resort. There, you will be greeted with a streamlined check in process, pimping sounds and your very own private Resort for the next few days!

Once check in, you have your room tab set up and you’re all set to have the absolute time of your life. Tonight sees us kicking off night one of the party!! Let’s start how we continue to carry on!

Day 2

Your first full day in this stunning island calls for activities! First up.. ziplining! If you have purchased this as an add on then be sure to check the board to find out what time you need to be at reception to grab the bus. Don’t forget to pack your closed in shoes and definitely get a decent breakfast in as you will be out for a few hours! If you haven’t booked Ziplining. We will still have tunes pool side to keep you entertained for the day!

We hope you’re not tired yet because at the Resort a surprise awaits you in your room. Get all togaed up and head back down to the main bar to party night two away, toga style.

Day 3

If you have purchased tickets to the Blue Lagoon party then head down to reception nice and early to hit the famous water hole We will have games, prizes, pop up bar and bbq!! Remember to pack your float, towel and some cash so you can make the most of an epic day!

It’s a wee drive to the lagoon but it’s worth it!

Thinking of siesta? #SorryNotSorry! There’s no down time today as once we’re back at Breakas, a colourful and vibrant paint party awaits us!

We recommend you wear white as the UV lights make for some incredible photos. You’re welcome.

Day 4

Bet you were up late lastnight, the paint party brings out the crazy in people! We will have tunes poolside again today, bar flowing or if you want to relax the onsite spa has amazing massages to bring you back to life!! Alternatively if you want to venture out there are plenty of acitvities in the area.

Be sure to be back at Breakas by sunset to enjoy the bonfire party on the beach!

Day 5

Horse riding is not just horse riding… you go through beautiful land with amazing scenery and finish the ride at a beautiful oasis where you get to swim with the horses!! Check out the whiteboard in reception to see what time you will be leaving.

You don’t need anything but your togs and camera!

If you haven’t booked the horse riding then the day is all yours. Go sunbathing, cure that hangover (or sip more cocktails, we won’t judge you!), catch up with all your new-found friends,

or explore the island more—whatever floats your boat. Use this day to tick the rest of the boxes!

Make sure you head down to the main restaurant at 5 pm though so you won’t miss the Kava ceremony with our Breakas family. There will alsobe a traditional dinner, traditional dances, and performances by world-class fire dancers after! We know you’re also sad that it’s already our last night here, but try to get some shuteye tonight as we have an early start tomorrow.

Day 6

Enjoy your final day in paradise, we have a late departure so you can chill and cure the hangover with a swim. We have arranged a late check out with the resort so you can enjoy your morning before we shoot down to a local bar for a late lunch before we hit the airport.

It will be an experience of a lifetime and we can’t wait to share it with you! You will get a booklet with a more detailed itinerary at the airport. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email anytime at