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Payment Options – VANUATU

We like to make your life as easy as possible, so on top of the return flights to Auckland, private charter transfers and world-class DJs we have a variety of payment options for you. Our aim is to make ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU as affordable and accessible as possible.

Here are your payment options;

1) The Deposit
The deposit is the most important part of the booking process, if you don’t pay your $50 deposit you ain’t joining us on ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU! Simple as that!

This is a non-refundable deposit that once paid secures your spot in Vanuatu’s best party resort, your tropical breakfast buffet and an invite to the traditional Kava session.

Once you’ve paid your deposit you’ll get an email from us offering to deduct $600 from your selected package so you can arrange your own flights and transfers; this is how you can stay longer in paradise!

2) Up Font
In that same email we’ll ask whether or not you wanna pay upfront and get the payment over and done with. This email will appear in your inbox almost immediately so if it doesn’t, be sure to check your junk mailbox before getting in touch with us.

You have 7-days from paying your deposit to pay in full. So, once you’re ready get your credit/debit card at the ready and give us a call.

Just so you know, there is a 2.8% credit and debit card fee. Unavoidable!

3) Payment Plan
The ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU Monthly Payment Plan is a popular option for many people and again, we’ve made it as easy as pie!

To opt to pay for ROCK ISLAND™ in monthly instalments then follow the link in the email we’ll send over once you’ve paid your deposit.

Here’s how it works; the further away from the ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU departure day you book, the less you pay each month.

So, for example if you book onto ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU as soon as we announce the dates you’ll have 8 months to pay. So staying in the Beach Front Twin, for example, with no added extras will be $2499 divided by 8 months, so a monthly payment of $312 a month.

Say you book just two months from take-off you’ll pay the full amount in two equal payments.

Like with the up-front option there is a standard 2.5% credit/debit card fee per month in addition to a 9% monthly processing fee.

On arrival at the resort, when you check-in, you will need to freeze $500 on your card as bond on your room. Provided you don’t gut the place this will be unfrozen when you check-out.

Other things to be aware of is that we are unable to refund any ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU traveller should they be unable to join us. In light of this we highly recommend that you get travel insurance as they may be able to offer you a monetary compensation.

What you can do however is change the name on the ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU package; you can on-sell your place to a friend or anyone who is eligible to travel in your place. It’s free to change names until 6 weeks before we depart.

There is a $100 charge if you need to change names less than 6 weeks out from our departure; all name change requests will need to be submitted in writing to

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