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Demon Energy Rock Island VANUATU – Spending Money Guide

Once you’ve secured your spot on Demon Energy Rock Island VANUATU we know the next thing you think about is how much mullah you gotta bring with you.

Demon Energy Rock Island VANUATU is a stress-free zone so there’s no need to furiously Google the cost of living in Vanuatu or figure out the cost of a pint. We’ve got it all covered and mapped it out for ya, we’re nice like that!

Let’s take a look at the Demon Energy Rock Island VANUATU Spending Money Guide;

Booze Budget

Ok, so it’s pretty simple. Although the exchange rate is 1 NZD to 75 Vanutau Vatu the cost of drinks is pretty much the same as New Zealand. Beers cost around $8 (600 Vatu) and cocktails are $8-12 (600-900 Vatu).

We have laid on some brilliant drinks deals for you and happy hours as well so Demon Energy Rock Island VANUATU won’t break the bank.

Remember that you can bring one bottle of booze from duty-free and chuck some mixers in your hold bag too. Just don’t start drinking the duty-free on the plane or on the private charter transfers ‘cus no allowed!

Food Budget

With thanks to the green, green pastures and fat cows of Vanuatu there is so much choice when it comes to finding a feed!

Remember that there is a luxurious tropical breakfast buffet spread laid out each morning for you and your crew to fill your boots.

When it comes to lunch and dinner we can assure you that eatings not cheating and you’re gonna want to get a taste of Vanuatu’s best food outlets. Reefers Restaurant and Rum Bar is a firm favourite of ours, budget about $45 to have a main and a bevvy here.

Lava Lounge is another great foodie hangout, bit cheaper than Reefers and they do a bloody awesome pizza too.

Our resort is only a few minute’s walk from the market where you can stock up on a tonne of fresh fruit and veggies to snack on.

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