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Top 7 Reasons to Visit Vanuatu

We lost count of how many reasons there are to visit Vanuatu, seriously, we just love it and we know you will too!

Here are some of our top reasons why you should travel to Vanuatu…with us…on ROCK ISLAND™…

1. Club Hippique
So it turns out dreams really do come true! They come true at Club Hippique in Vanuatu! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with horses and gallop along the sandy Pacific Ocean shores. Totally magical!

2. Sunsets
Regardless of where you are on the island when the sun goes down you will be blown away by the statement the sun makes as it bids farewell to the day. Sunsets on ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU is best experiences from Banyan Bar…we love their happy hour too!

3. Underwater Post Office
Wherever you go on holiday you gotta embrace the novelty touristy stuff each place has to offer. Raro has Cocoputs, Fiji has the glass-bottomed boat and Vanuatu has the Underwater Post Office!

Head down under the sea and pen a note to your loved ones. Given that ROCK ISLAND™ is only 5-days long you’ll get home before your post cards, write to yourself perhaps! A great way to beat the post-ROCK ISLAND™ blues!

4. Luxury
ROCK ISLAND™ in Vanuatu is our most luxurious ROCK ISLAND™ package. Our resort is one of the most impressive on the islands and you have it all to yourselves! This exclusive resort charter is only offered by us…we promised you the time of your life, right?!

5. Local Culture
We know you wanna party the night away but you don’t wanna be that traveller that goes from place to place hitting the dance floor and nothing more! To help you get a real taste of Vanuatu we have teamed up with a group of awesome locals who will put on a mind-blowing cultural show for you!

Expect drums, singing and a heluva lot of fire!

6. Natural Wonders
The Pacific Islands have some of the most incredible landscape you will find anywhere in the world. If you’ve had a heavy night the night before be sure to get yourself into the great outdoors for some fresh are and reconnect with nature.

Vanuatu’s best natural wonders include the Mele Cascades and the Blue Lagoon.

7. Value For Money

One key reason why we love Vanuatu is that it’s so affordable! By travelling with us on ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU you get unrivalled value for money and bunch of money can’t buy experiences too!

If these seven reasons to join us on ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU aren’t enough you better get to Googling!

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