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VANUATU – 10 Best Things To Do

Vanuatu is one of our favourite ROCK ISLAND™ Experiences as there is just so much to see, do and explore. Our 10 best things to do on ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU can call be arranged during your five-day trip

Let’s take a look;

Swim with the horses at Club Hippique
Seriously! This is just the most magical experience! These horses are super chilled out and the guides are great.

Swimming with the horses at Club Hippique is one of the highlights and must dos of any trip to Vanuatu!

The only time you’ll be riding bare back at ROCK ISLAND™ of course!

Visit the Blue Lagoon
Swear down we dream about getting back to the Blue Lagoon while we’re organising ROCK ISLAND™ from our office in Auckland. So blue and so natural…so warm too!

This is a great little afternoon activity for those who fancy a change of scenery, get out of the resort and experience a little of Vanuatu’s spectacular nature.

Zipline Canopy Tour
If you need an injection of adrenaline during ROCK ISLAND™ then look no further than the Zipline Canopy Tour. Join with your mates and go whizzing through the treetop canopy at the rate of knots!

Through the jungle and over the canyons this is best way to experience Vanuatu from above!

Port Vila Markets
If you want a taste of local culture and daily life here in Vanuatu be sure to head to the Port Vila Markets. Here there are tonnes of stalls run by local craftsmen and women selling their wares.

You can pick up some really cute and unique bits and bobs to decorate your Uni room with and to help remind you of the spring of a lifetime in Vanuatu!

Visit Banyan Bar at Sunset
Surely the best sunset spot in Vanuatu is at Banyan Bar. This is a firm favourite hangout for all who visit the islands and is rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor!

Even the grumpy bastards can’t find anything to complain about in this fab little Portside bar!

Send a letter via the only underwater post office box
A total novelty but a total must do! This is the world’s only underwater post office and can be found 3m under the water near the Hideaway Island Marine Sanctuary.

No need to be an expert diver, you can hire snorkels and flippers when you arrive.

Mele Cascades
We haven’t really covered many of Vanuatu’s natural wonders but the Mele Cascades really should be mentioned.

These are some of the most beautiful waterfalls we have every seen and yes, you can swim in them! When the sun hits the water it turns a gorgeous shade of turquoise…can’t we just live on ROCK ISLAND™?!

National Museum of Vanuatu
Although you’ve had your head in your books for months on end if you fancy finding out more about the super varied and interesting history of Vanuatu be sure to head to the National Museum.

Nambawan Brewery
If museums aren’t your thing then surely the Nambawan Brewery will be! They show pretty much all the sport going so if you think you’re running the risk of missing the match you can think again. Good beer and a pretty decent pizza too.

Flight Bar Kava Session
Kava is a traditional drink from the Pacific Islands and was typically offered as a welcoming gift to newcomers. Join us at the Flight Bar to experience this unique drink and enjoy an impressive cultural show.

Wow! What a list! Share it with your ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU crew and get planning! To help you budget for all these activities we’ve created our ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU Spending Money Guide, check it out here.

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