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VANUATU – 5 Things you Should Know – History & Culture

ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU will be the time of your life, we promise you! Not only do we have a whole host of great parties and themed events for you to rock out to but there is so much to explore in this marvellous and isolated country.

Although we know you’re heading to Vanuatu will the sole aim of partying hard for five straight days taking a moment to find out a little more about Vanuatu will stand you in good stead.

We all wanna be conscientious travellers and reading on will help make you just that…read on, read on…

Nom Nom National Dish
Vanuatu’s national dish is called ‘lap lap’ and is made up of marinated meat in vegetable paste and coconut milk, all cooked in a banana leaf. Tasty AF, you gotta try it!

It’s All in the Name
Did you know that the word Vanuatu actually has a meaning? It’s a combo of two local words meaning ‘home’ and ‘stand’. This was the official name adopted in 1980 when Vanuatu achieved independence.

Prior to this the 80 islands were known as the New Hebrides as named by Captain James Cook in 1774.

Not So Sporty
Whereas we generally associate the Pacific Islands with being sport-mad, particularly in terms of rugby. Vanuatu, not so much. They sent a humble team of five athletes to the 2012 Olympics in London and none of them progressed further than the first-round of competition.

In 1992 they sent their biggest team of athletes to the Olympics; six people!

Local Lingo
Although English as we know it is widely spoken in Vanuatu there is a form of pidgin English that is more commonly spoken by locals. It’s quite simple to understand and there are some pretty entertaining idioms to explore. This language is known as Bislama. Click here to learn some Bislama words and phrases.

Safe from the Wild

For those who have a fear of creepy crawlies, spiders and snakes Vanuatu is the place for you. There are no indigenous large mammals, poisonous snakes, or spiders. There are however 11 species of bat found in Vanuatu, many of which come out to play as the sun sets.

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