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VANUATU – Top 8 Phrases to Learn

On the islands of Vanuatu English is widely spoken, and is one of three of official languages. The other two languages are French and Bislama.

Bislama is what is known as pidgin English; it’s a total mish-mash of English, and other colloquial sayings.

Don’t worry though, if you speak English to all that you meet throughout your time on ROCK ISLAND™ you won’t encounter any issues.

That said, Bislama has some pretty quirky interpretations of the English language, let’s check them out!

Bae plen i kam tumora
We don’t want to think about leaving before we’ve even arrived but this is a good example of how Bislama is a mixed up version of English ‘bae plen i kam tumora’ means ‘plane will come tomorrow’ makes sense really!

From wanem yu stap long ples ia?
From wanem yu stap long ples ia? Is what you’d say if you saw an old friend rock up to Auckland Airport who you didn’t know was coming on ROCK ISLAND™, it means ‘what the hell are you doing here!?’

Wanem nem blong yu?
Think about this one before you read on, say it out loud, go on, do it! What does it sound like?

What name belong to you? Yes!

‘Wanem nem blong yu?’ means what is your name?

Oli jiamjiam

This is what happens when the beat drops on ROCK ISLAND™ Vanuatu oli jiamjiam, it means they’re jumping around!

Mi laekem ples ia tumas

If someone asks you are you loving life in Vanuatu you should say ‘mi laekem ples ia tumas’. It means ‘I like this place very much’.

That’s if you’re enjoying yourself that is! 😛

Yu stap kwaet!
When the party goes on too long the Mammas of Vanuatu come out and shout ‘yu stap kwaet!’ Which means be quiet!

Only joking…they join in!

Mi wantem narawan
When you head to the bar with an empty glass say to the bartender ‘mi wantem narawan’, it means ‘I want another one!’.

Yes, tufala i laef yet.

When your mate has had one too many and takes a tactical snooze in the corner, you can reassure the resort staff by saying ‘Yes, tufala i laef yet’. – ’Yes, they’re alive!

But you’re only gonna be drinking responsibly, right?

These are all a bit random so here are the real basic Bislama words you need to know!

Halo means hello
Gud moning means Good morning
Gud aftenun means Good afternoon
Gud naet means Good evening/night
Baibai or Tata means Goodbye
Tangkyu means Thank You

Yes is yes and no is no. Just these phrases are super easy, basically the same as English, just work on your accent!

Tag a mate who needs to brush up on their Bislama before they join us on ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU! See you there!

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