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VANUATU – What’s Included?

Now, that’s a very good question! What kind of experience do you get for your hard-earned money? In all honesty, there is very little not included in the ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU package deal, meaning that you get great value for money as well as the time of your life. What more could you ask for?!

We invite you to join the ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU crew this spring on our exclusive resort charter on this tiny Pacific Island for some of the best party action the southern hemisphere has ever seen!

Let’s break it down;

5-Nights Accommodation
You would hope so too, wouldn’t ya?! Of course 5-nights accommodation is included in the cost of ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU!

You’ll be stoked by the rooms on offer at ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU! Whether you’re flying solo or heading over with your mates there are a whole host of accommodation options available. From the Beach Front Pad the to the Oceanview Twin Rooms set amongst tropical gardens, we have the perfect room for everyone.

Daily Tropical Breakfast
The tropical buffet breakfast at ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU is a real treat! All the fruit you could wish for to detox and refresh after a big night of partying!

Remember to stock up on your Vanuatu Vatus as drinks are not included in the package cost. We do however have a nightly happy hour and great drinks offers behind the bar.

Vanuatu has loads of great little family run restaurants dishing up an awesome feed at any time of day. Check out our ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU Spending Money Guide for tips on how to budget for your trip.

Return Flights to Auckland

Trying to find the best deal on flights can be the most arduous part of planning any holiday. We’ve removed all the hassle and stress by including return flights to Auckland in your package deal.

Literally, all you’ve gotta do is turn up and the airport and be on your merry way!

With the basics out the way let’s take a look at what makes ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU one of the most exciting party destinations in the Pacific;

Non-Stop Entertainment
If we were say that there’s never a dull moment at ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU we wouldn’t be exaggerating. It really will be the time of your life! From epic activities like the Zipline Canopy Tours* to swimming with horses at Club Hippique*, from awe-inspiring themed parties to Vanuatuan cultural shows, this is living people!

Top Tier Artists Flown In
Never a dull moment and never a musicless moment either! We here at ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU are proud to offer you access to some of New Zealand and Australia’s freshest musical talent during providing you with the perfect party in the Pacific playlist!

Exclusive Resort Charter and Transport

This is what makes our ROCK ISLAND™ Experiences so awesome, our private resort charters. You and your ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU crew have exclusive access to one of Vanuatu’s best resorts. Let’s not forget the private charter transfers too, everyone’s a VIP in Vanuatu!

Video & Photography Team
With all the dancing, mingling and general ROCK ISLAND™ing you’ve got to focus on you’ve got no time to be finding the right angle or lighting, so we bring along an amazing team of photographers and videographers to ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU to capture the magic forever!

That’s ROCK ISLAND™ VANUATU for you! Remember to book your spot as soon as possible, pack your bags and get yourself to Auckland Airport in plenty of time! See you there!

*additional cost

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